Everyone Loves the Band – Even Roar-ee

Check out Roar-ee the Columbia Lion, the university’s official mascot who shows up at most sporting events with the Columbia University Marching Band.

Roar-ee, deflated, after not being able to find the Columbia University Marching Band

Why is Roar-ee so sad? I’m pretty sure some Columbia University Marching Band could cheer the Columbia Lion up. After all, it cheers up most other people, institutions, and animals (Ivy League universities and all other newsmaking entities excepting). Let’s see how Roar-ee feels after getting some sweet band action:

There we go, much better!

Who else does the band elate? Well, there’s always the band members, who flip over being part of the cleverest band on earth. Check it out:

Sometimes the Columbia University Marching Band is too much to handle.

This band member is psyched. And so are these guys:

Building a pyramid helps the team and the excitement level.

And, of course, the excitement isn’t only limited to sporting events. The band also has a lot of extra-athletic activities, such as Tax Night and Orgo Night, and, of course, their appearances on major T.V. shows like David Letterman and TRL.

But, of course, more important than Roar-ee and even the band itself, is the crowd, for which the Columbia University Marching Band puts their hats on and performs.

Finding even more clever ways to perform.

So if you find yourself down (like Roar-ee), or just need to hear Roar Lions Roar, be sure to check out the Columbia University Marching Band, wherever they may be playing. Be sure to keep tabs on the band’s Facebook page and Twitter feed to get updated information about when they’ll play and where, and be prepared for the general excitement that dancing, pyramids, and trumpet hats can bring.

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