Marching Bands We Love

Harvard University Marching Band:

Not as clever as the Columbia University Marching Band, but they try. Here’s a clip of them performing:

Dartmouth College Marching Band:

Another scatter (copycat) band, that does pretty well. They’re marching really well here…

Of course, non-Ivy schools also have some great marching bands!

Top among them is the Michigan Marching Band

Here’s a clip of Michigan’s marching band. A bit militaristic, but it must be tough to order 100′s of band members:

I think love is too strong a word here, especially when the Princeton Marching Band makes a couple of very lame jokes about the Columbia University Marching Band in the video clip below. Still they deserve to be seen, if only so people know who to shout “Go back to Jersey” at when they see them perform.

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