Columbia University Marching Band’s Not-So-Clever Name

Why is the Columbia University Marching Band known as the cleverest band in the world? Because of the way that it “marches.”

The band’s style of marching is much different from the more regimented styles of other universities’ bands. The Columbia University Marching Band is actually a scramble band, which features a more creative type of movement and presentation.

Instead of the usual formations and geometric shapes of traditional marching bands, members of the Columbia University Marching Band scramble from position to position, sometimes forming shapes and pictures, but usually acting out a part of a story that is being told by one of the band members.

The scramble band format – which the band invented in the early 1960’s – has gotten the band into some controversy over some its more edgy routines and jokes, but usually the band offers entertaining interlude and commentary. Check out a recent performance by clicking here or watching the video below:

The band, of course, pokes fun at almost any topic (see Orgo Night), but Harvard and the other Ivy League universities usually offer too good of a target to pass up. Putting on performances at every Columbia University football game, basketball games, and other events throughout the year, the band provides the university, and the many other places it travels to, with many clever, musical performances.

And with other great traditions, like Tax Night, the Columbia University Marching Band truly has an incredible history and tradition – mostly due to its cleverness and not its marching!

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